Important Life Lessons from Your GPS

Important Life Lessons from Your GPS

Part 1….

ALWAYS Speak kindly to yourself –

GPS never yells at me. It never tells me I did something wrong, even if I actually did something wrong. It keeps speaking with that calm, soothing voice, gently redirecting me to my intended path.

Is the voice in your head as kind to you as your GPS? When you make a mistake, do you call yourself stupid or clumsy or incompetent? GPS doesn’t. You shouldn’t either!!!!!! There’s ALWAYS a way to get back on track.

Becoming aware of our self-talk is something we cultivate through practicing mindfulness. When our mind wanders away from the breath, as it will do {just as we will  make wrong turns from time to time}, we simply notice it. With kindness, we observe where the mind has wandered to, and then return to the breath.

And that’s what GPS does — it notices where you wandered off to, and then kindly brings you back to where you intended to be. No judging, no shaming.

Can you be as nice to yourself today as your GPS is?

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