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This innovative program is re-defining Physical Integrity: We teach and empower you to control your reactions -Physically, Mentally and Spiritually in everyday life. We strengthen the body to still the mind — and we still the mind to free the spirit! This is the philosophy behind our program!

HOLISTIC WARRIORS: Redefining Fitness for your Mind-Body-Soul!

How would you like to enjoy an even more intense, results oriented gym workout; just by having the right tones playing in the background?

Do you want to exercise longer, feel more energized, focused, and ready to conquer your workout with a renewed mentality? What if each and every session with Holistic Warriors could guarantee you that?

It’s all possible!!! And it is ALL in your CONTROL!!

The science behind instant motivation:

Your brainwaves form a special pattern when you’re in “The Zone” while exercising’. This pattern occurs when you’re feeling focused, motivated, mindful, and bursting with energy.

Holistic Warriors uses specialized ‘brainwave sounds’. As you listen, these brainwave sounds trigger a HEIGHTENED state of focus. Your body releases endorphins, giving you added motivation, excitement, and endurance to maximize your workout!

This is all based on a proven area of science known as ‘Brainwave Entrainment’, which has been actively studied for over 100 years.

The result? After working out and listening to these sounds, you’ll feel more inspired, motivated and craving to exercise longer with higher intensity. You will feel “amped up” and have the stamina to amplify your fitness session!

Listen Once, Workout for Hours:

Holistic Warriors takes fitness training to the next level.

A Brainwave Entrainment session prior to your fitness workout, coupled with continual sounds playing in the background, and a “mind cool down” following your workout, is guaranteed to:

·*INCREASE Energy and Motivation;

·*REMAIN Focused during your entire fitness session;


**Results are proven to last anywhere from 6 hours – to the rest of your day**

Due to the intimate nature of this mind-body- soul fitness team (which includes):

• Certified Personal Trainer,

• Performance Enhancement Specialist,

• Relaxation Therapist,

• Certified Stress & Anger Management Coach,

• Licensed Psychotherapists,

• Brainwave Entrainment/Synchronization Specialists.

Our customized goals are ATTAINABLE & ACHIEVABLE!

Your Fitness Team is: diverse, dedicated, and innovative in implementing all modalities during your 90- minute class.

Ready to get started? You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you WORK for!


Holistic Warriors: How fitness benefits the body-mind-spirit!

How fitness helps the BODY :

Countless studies have shown that exercise is like medicine. Use it as your personal prescription to not only look your best but to feel your best, too.

Physical fitness has many benefits for the body. It helps maintain muscle tissue, keeps the heart strong, strengthens the bones, boosts the immune system, strengthens muscles, aids in digestion, and helps keep excess weight off. Exercise has been proven to help with physical endurance so that you will not tire so quickly from day to day tasks such as climbing stairs, cleaning the house, or picking up your children.

Working out will get your heart pumping extra blood to your vital organs, including your brain. As the blood carries oxygen, your brain will benefit from this and experts assert that your cells can actually regenerate as a result, which is very beneficial for optimal brain function.

The older you get, the slower your metabolism is; thus, the need for exercise becomes even more prevalent. Obesity leads to all sorts of physical problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These are sure fire reasons why committing to a lifestyle of exercise is so important.

How fitness helps the MIND:


Fitness can significantly benefit the mind, as it increases blood flow and releases “happy” chemicals that help you to feel better emotionally. When you exercise, neurotransmitters called endorphins are released in the brain and provide a sense of well-being and happiness that can last for hours.

Another way that fitness helps the mind is that it relieves built up stress. As you go through your day to day activities, anxiety and stress can affect you mentally and physically. Chronic stress can cause physical and mental problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, and depression.

When you exercise, stress tension decreases and you get a sense of relief. Haven’t you ever just felt overwhelmed during the day and stressed out, and went for a brisk walk only to feel much better by the end? Getting those muscles moving and heart pumping will decrease your stress level so that your mind can relax and be at peace.

Take control – Exercise can help you feel better by giving you a feeling of control over many conditions. Here’s how:

• Exercise provides a distraction from troubling thoughts. When your mind is racing it can feel like you are trapped in a painful thought spiral. Getting active can interrupt this spiral by shifting your focus from your mind to your body in motion.

• Exercise gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Many things that happen throughout the day feel like they are beyond our control. Deciding to head for the gym or for a walk around the block provides a positive focus with immediate positive feedback. You benefit from pride in making and keeping a promise to yourself as well as the mood boost of being active.

• Working out boosts confidence as well as self-esteem and cognitive function. Try it by exercising about two hours before your next big presentation. The confidence boost will last between 4 and 6 hours.

While the mind comes at the very beginning of our existence, the Soul can be said to be the very end of our existence. The mind and Soul complete a full circle; the mind is a beginning with no ending, and the Soul is an ending with no beginning.


Research indicates that meditation has a “ profound impact “ on your overall mental health, particularly when paired with exercise.

So whatever your fitness preference—strength training, ad workouts, cardio, and much more- here’s how meditation and exercise work together to benefit your workouts.

Meditation prepares your mind and your body for exercise.More than anything, meditation focuses your attention and energy. Fitness experts state that Meditation can help you get the most out of your workout, so you’re less likely to get bored/ distracted ( or remain less mindful) or experience an injury. It allows you to stay motivated, focused , and more attentive to the exercise regime, as well as inspires you to be as effective as possible with each workout.

“Most people have a tendency to associate meditation with sitting in a lotus pose on a mountain overlooking a valley. But a meditative approach to all forms of exercising—personal training to group fitness to extreme sports—is an excellent way to prepare your mind as well as your body,” says Fitness Trainer, trainer Caesar Barajas. It only takes a couple of proper breaths, to reap the rewards of meditation.

As a mind and body practice, meditation shows promise in terms of improving overall health and well-being. Evidence suggests it can lower blood pressure and reduce conditions such as anxiety , depression , and insomnia. It can also help the body align itself, benefit your immune system, promote good mindset (mindfulness), gain perspective, and cultivate a positive mindset.

“The mere physical act of placing a hand over your heart activates your parasympathetic nervous system. It calms and decompresses you. In addition, the deep conscious breaths you’re taking actively lower your blood pressure and oxygenates your bloodstream,”! You’ve not only finished your workout, but took your body past the initial point of where you thought you could.”

It’s been reported that most people feel a heightened sense of peace, calmness, happiness, and contentment after meditating. Meditation can be a “cool down” for the brain post-workout, or a way to be present for an upcoming workout. When you meditate matters less than the fact that you did it with maximum benefits pre and post workout!

Take a few moments to gather your thoughts with a couple deep, conscious breaths. Situate yourself where you are instead of thinking about what you did earlier. Focus on being present for the next 90- minutes of your workout class. Fill up your mind with gratitude for the ability to go through the 90 minutes, an focus less on wether you feel you reached your intensity fitness goals in that session.

How fitness helps the SOUL/SPIRIT:

The spirit is the absolute essence of who you are. Underneath the physical body and separate from the mind lies a river of flowing life and love that oftentimes gets overlooked and forgotten about. Following the belief of the ancient physical and spiritual discipline of Yoga, committing to a lifestyle of fitness can certainly help the mind, body, and spirit.

As you embark on a journey to take care of yourself by exercising, practicing mindfulness and gratitude, eating healthy, learning proper breathing, using organic essential oils, and incorporating other Holistic Remedies; you are less likely to be as reactive to stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional/physical illnesses, which in turn makes it easier to tune into your spiritual life.

Holistic Warriors teaches you the experience of feeling our body, mind and spirit are one, and experience no more resistance. Progress in anything takes believing in yourself, creating an action plan and following thru with all your efforts. Holistic Warriors arms n empowers you through our innovative, educational, physically challenging classes.

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**Taking care of our bodies helps us to maintain a healthy and clear-minded awareness. Becoming more aware of our Spirit/Soul helps us to cultivate greater awareness in our lives that allows us to feel liberated from all the mental layers that form obstacles on the way back to the ocean of Spirit**

Understanding, guiding, working through , and being correctly guided & taught the power of the three pillars of holistic healing (mind-body-Spirit/ Soul), allows true empowerment and manifestation of your true unfulfilled desires!!!

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*We are successfully in 4 gyms. Call for the nearest class or if your interested in having this innovative program brought to you, for a 1:1 total experience”!

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