Go Towards your Fear and find Your Freedom!

Day #16 of my 90 day (and beyond) positive outlook challenge! “Nothing changes till I change…Everything changes once I change”!

I struggle immensely with this challenge on all levels. I persevere through it cause if I don’t, then what will be my option? I read an amazing article by Jenna Galbut, a medium, called “ Go towards your fear and find your Freedom “.

The following article is so profound, and I am directly quoting Jenna as she amazingly captures it all-

“Sometimes the most enlightening thing we could do is be honest about how scared we feel.

It doesn’t matter how spiritually evolved you think you may be, if you’re human; you have fears.

Here’s the big thing about fear:

It doesn’t matter what your fear is, if you have it, it’s real. Don’t worry about being judged for it. We all have our own fears. As crazy, small, silly, and irrational as they may seem.

The weight of the fears we carry will be less heavy if we share them with others. When we expose them, we can embrace them. When we embrace them, we can erase them.

It is so liberating to just lay it out on the table”!

Happy July 4th to all… May you all find the way to liberate yourselves on all levels and find your freedom from your fears 💪🏻

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