Day #20 Gratitude Challenge

Day #20 of my Gratitude Challenge!

As I approach the 3 year mark since my failed back surgery which resulted in a spinal cord injury, paralysis, and mass medical complications….I turn to the topic of courage. My life changed in so many directions, and there were so many challenges, obstacles, and Herculean hurdles to overcome. I kept thinking – “everything I ever wanted is on the other side of my fears”. Don’t define your life by your circumstances!

There is a proverb that says that courage and fear are brothers. One cannot exist without the other. Being courageous does not mean that you are not afraid. Being courageous means you are afraid but you stand up and face your fears and push through it.

Overcome and Conquer:

Try to acknowledge your fears one by one. Once you accept the fact that you are afraid you can conquer them, only then can you make progress into the unknown. Why create bad scenarios before anything has even happened? Allow yourself to think positive! Empower yourself to overcome the obstacles you are setting in your own way.

COURAGE is an opportunity to push yourself past your limits. It’s saying YES to the opportunity to grow. It’s living life to it’s fullest!!

Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.” – Sir Winston Churchill.

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