What can u manifest?????

The knowledge of Bob Proctor- Pay careful attention to how you feel:

Sometimes we are so ready to move forward — to achieve, create, or make a change in our lives — only to find we continue to stand still. We seem to be doing everything right, but something is holding us back. It was time for me to move forward in my life. How many times have we encountered challenges and so badly wanted to conquer them? I was so ready to make it all happen, only it wasn’t happening and I wanted to know why! Many people come to a point like this, only to become frustrated when old fears take hold. Maybe this change was not meant to happen. The timing isn’t right, they reason, or it is better to stay with what they know. They may not be happy, but they pacify themselves by living with what they have come to expect. Staying with what I knew was not an option. In my life, I am supposed to be the person my kid depends on for unconditional love and continued support; and to lead n guide him forward in the best way possible. Like all mentors, Bob Proctor appeared because a friend thought he was what I needed at a certain stage of life, and I became intrigued by his writings, videos n message.

What he was saying was not new to me, but how he was saying it made me stop and think. This man was sent to give me a good, swift kick in the butt and get me moving. I could feel it. I signed up with my friend . Focusing on your desire and definite plan for your future can give rise to nervousness, fear, and doubt. Do not despair. Practice your gratefulness, raise your vibration and thoughts, and focus on your desire or purpose. Let go of the negative emotions; they will not help you make the right choices. No good choice comes from fear or doubt. Focus on what needs your attention in the present and let the rest unfold. You are not a fortuneteller, so why spend your time worrying about something you cannot control? I had let go of decades of hurt and harbored anger & fear.

In the last scene of the blockbuster film, The Secret, a woman writes the following words in the sand on the beach… FEEL GOOD. Why end a movie about the Law of Attraction with a visual of those words? To answer that question, let’s look at the four steps of attraction and manifestation:

1. Write down what you want

2. Visualize what you want as if it is already true, with as much positive emotion as possible (do this every day).

3. Take actions toward your goal.

4. Keep your frequency high by thinking positive thoughts, which cause you to feel good.

Even if you do the first three steps, if you don’t have a positive vibe and feel good on the inside, you will not be able to attract what you want. That’s because you attract what you are, not what you want. So, the fourth step is critical. Unfortunately, it is often the one that people have the most difficulty with. If you want to feel good more consistently, then you must change your vibration by elevating your thoughts. There are countless ways to do this but here are a few that work well for me.

Peace, prosperity, ❤️, n happiness😀

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