What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a way of using instruments to measure bodily functions and show people information about how their bodies are performing in the areas being measured. Some of the functions we can measure are heart rate, body temperature, muscle tension, and of course, brain waves. We are often unaware of how our bodies are performing in these important areas, especially when we have a habit of living in stress mode and have become desensitized to our bodies.

Biofeedback instruments “feed back” real-time information to you about how your body is functioning through the use of auditory or visual signals. With this immediate feedback, you “see” your typically hidden mental or physical functions, and then you can experiment with ways you might modify them to improve health. Unlike medications, Biofeedback has no negative side effects!

Here at Serenity Zone, with two locations located in Oceanside and Island Park, we have been helping people successfully train their brain to change their health and life for more than a decade.

Using our evidence based neuro-therapeutic approach to identify the underlying causes, we prescribe a corrective plan that often includes biofeedback to help restore function and optimize health.

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