Play Therapy

Is Play Therapy Right for Your Child?

Play therapy is ideal for children ages 3-12 that are better able to express themselves through play activities than through verbal.  Here at Serenity Zone, we use play and other creative activities to communicate with your child in a safe and supportive environment. Through each session we are able to communicate with the child through the power of play.

Play therapy is best used to help children with social or emotional deficits learn to communicate better, change their behavior, develop problem-solving skills, and relate to others in positive ways. It’s most beneficial for children undergoing or witnessing stressful events in their lives, such as a serious illness or hospitalization, domestic violence, abuse, trauma, a family crisis, or an upsetting change in their environment. This type of therapy can also help children with academic and social problems, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, anxiety, depression, grief, or anger, as well as those with attention deficit disorders or who are on the autism spectrum.

Here at Serenity Zone

in Island Park, NY, we have been helping families and children successfully reclaim their health and happiness for more than a decade with psychotherapy, play therapy and brain health services.

We sit down with you, asking important questions that help us to understand the underlying factors that need to be addressed. We will then recommend a corrective care plan to help your child reconnect, heal and thrive.

If you are ready for a safe and effective approach that will work with your child to help them enhance their health and happiness, we are here to help.

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