Addiction and O.A.S.AS

Is it Addiction? Drug addiction is a complex disease that can come about for many reasons. Often stemming from depression, pain, trauma or anxiety, addiction isn’t something people seek out but when it occurs, quitting usually takes more than good intentions or a strong will. This is because drug addiction literally changes your brain waves, health and function. To truly breakfree requires a new approach that directly treats and optimizes the function of the brain so the cycle of addiction can be broken.

What Causes ADDICTION and What Can You Do?

Substance Use Disorders typical of addiction are viewed as primary, chronic diseases of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. The more a drug is taken it less dopamine is released and the more a person feels they need to take for the same response. It becomes the ongoing cycle of addiction causing the need for more and more.

The good news is that since the 1960’s the FDA approved technology of Neurofeedback has been successfully used with many brain based imbalances and disorders. It helps to create new neural pathways and optimize brainwave function so the cycle of addiction can be broken without more drugs.  

Here at Serenity Zone

We use the most evidence based, clinical assessment and neuroimaging technology (QEEG) to map the brain. This allows us to  discover how each individual’s brain is dysregulated and contributing to their symptoms.

Once we determine where the affected areas are, we create a corrective plan of care using the most cutting-edge neurotherapies and brain training tools to optimize the exact networks and pathways of the brain so the person can improve their mood, motivation, and thinking patterns.

Care plans will typically include a combination of one or more of the following corrective and natural brain health modalities: Braincore Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Stress Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Light Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Autogenic Training, and Individual or Group Counseling.

This comprehensive approach to your health,  delivers the correction, skills and habits needed to continue improvement so you can optimize your health and life.

Clinical Screening and Assessment of the Impaired Driving Offender covering The Best Practices of Clinical Screening and Assessment of the Impaired Driving Offender:

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