Is It Memory Loss?

Have you ever forgotten where you parked? This is a normal thing that can happen when you have a lot on your mind.  In today’s fast paced world our attention spans are growing shorter, but if you are beginning to notice the signs of brain fog, forgetfulness, declining cognitive function, mixing up your words, asking the same questions repeatedly, or taking longer to perform normal tasks, these are all signs and symptoms of memory loss. These are early warning signs of abnormal brainwave function that are often associated with the inability to process information optimally which can cause forgetfulness.

If you believe that you are struggling with symptoms of memory loss, our team can help. At Serenity Zone, we take a comprehensive clinical approach to detecting the root cause of your memory difficulties. Together we will help you break free to restore you ability to recall and remember for enhanced health and wellbeing.

What Causes Memory Loss?

Many complex factors contribute to memory loss including stress, anxiety, trauma, genetics, and habitual over-thinking, resulting in abnormal brain wave function.

Once the imbalance occurs, the brain starts to respond from this imbalanced or compromised state.  It becomes the new norm, but what this really means is that your brain is adapting to dysfunction. Over time and with growing physical, mental, and environmental stressors, brain function is impaired which can lead to problems processing and recalling information.

The good news is there is hope and there is help. Neurofeedback has been clinically shown to regulate brainwave function and improve how the brain processes information.

Here at Serenity Zone

We use the most evidence based, clinical assessment and neuroimaging technology (QEEG) to map the brain. This allows us to  discover how each individual’s brain is dysregulated and contributing to their symptoms.

Once we determine where the affected areas are, we create a corrective plan of care using the most cutting-edge neurotherapies and brain training tools to optimize the exact networks and pathways of the brain so the person can improve their mood, motivation, and thinking patterns.

Care plans will typically include a combination of one or more of the following corrective and natural brain health modalities: Braincore Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Stress Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Light Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Autogenic Training, and Individual or Group Counseling.

This comprehensive approach to your health delivers the correction, skills, and habits needed to continue improvement so you can optimize your health and life.

Ready to Learn More?

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