If you are struggling with pain, know that you are not alone and it is not just in your head. It’s an all too common, yet serious, problem impacting more than 100 million adults. There are many causes of pain which can make alleviating it complex. This is why we take a comprehensive approach to uncovering the root cause.

What is the Nature of Pain and What Can Help?

Pain serves an important purpose by alerting you to injuries such as a sprained ankle or burned hand. Chronic pain however is more complex. People often think of pain as a purely physical sensation. Pain has biological, psychological, and emotional factors. Chronic pain can cause feelings such as anger, hopelessness, sadness, and anxiety. To treat pain effectively, you must address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of it. This is why here at Serenity Zone we take a comprehensive approach to your health and wellbeing.  Through a in depth assessment, brain map, and analysis, we can uncover the root causes of the pain and create a corrective plan to help you reclaim your health and life.

What You Can Expect

Uncovering the cause and correcting the problem is our focus in helping you.  We use evidence-based clinical assessment and neuroimaging technology (QEEG) to map the brain, allowing us to discover how each individual’s brain is dysregulated and contributing to their symptoms. Once we determine where the affected areas are, we create a corrective plan of care using the most cutting-edge neurotherapies and brain training tools to optimize the exact networks and pathways of the brain so the person can improve their mood, motivation, and thinking patterns.

Care plans will typically include a combination of one or more of the following corrective and natural brain health modalities: Braincore Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Stress Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Light Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Autogenic Training, and Individual or Group Counseling.

This comprehensive approach to your health,  delivers the correction, skills and care needed to continue improvement so you can overcome the pain and reclaim your life!

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more, we’re happy to spend time with you on the phone to see if the services we offer would be a good fit for you. Contact Us Today  to Get Started Training Your Brain to Change Your Health & Life.